Concentrated Juice – a juice produced by the physical removal of the water contained in directly expressed juice to increase the soluble solids content not less than two times compared to the original directly expressed juice.

At all stages of production, from the supply of fruits and vegetables to processing facilities to the bottling of the finished concentrated juice, a specialized laboratory carries out strict control of quality and product safety. To prevent microbiological spoilage the juice is heated to the temperature of at least 92 degrees.
Along with this collection of aromatic substances that evaporate while boiling is conducted. Obtained concentrated juice is pumped into the tank.

Concentrated juice is thick and viscous consistency.

Concentrated juices are not added with sugar or any other sweeteners. Concentrated juices are not meant for direct consumption and are used for manufacturing of reconstituted juices, nectars and juice drinks, as well as other foods, such as fruit jelly.

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